Do I have to be signed to a label to work with Hyplified?

No! Although most of our clients are signed to major labels, we definitely work with independent artists as well. We just love being creative. As long as we like the project we are willing to contribute to your journey. Don’t hesitate and contact us right away to get started.

I started writing a song, but can't finish it on my own. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. However, the process does depend on your writing skills. Our main goal is to help you create the best song you’ve made until date. If we feel like it’s necessary, we may suggest rewriting the song together.

What is it you do exactly?

You can see our individual roles in the ‘About us’ section.

Do you provide vocal coaching during recordings?

Yes, we provide coaching for vocalists during recordings to get the best possible performance out of them. However, if you are lacking basic knowledge, it might be wise to look for a dedicated vocal coach.

Can I only book a full studio day? I work fast.

No, we have several options available for artists that love to work fast. Contact us and ask for the possibilities.

How can I book a session with Hyplified?

Book your session by filling out the contact form on the contact page and get in touch. Or call us at +31632276129.